Brightest minds in nursing

Kaiser Permanente nurses advance the delivery of compassionate care to our members across the continuum and transform care to improve the health of our communities.

Our nurses promote the art and science of nursing in a patient-centered, healing environment and truly embody what total care means.

The Kaiser Permanente Nursing Professional Practice Model is at the heart of our nursing practice, and it serves as a framework to standardize our approach to care. It honors the unity of the whole human being – mind, body, spirit – and is the lens through which Kaiser Permanente nurses look to ensure that they meet the needs of our patients and their families.

The Kaiser Permanente Nursing Professional Practice Model

Our mission

Extraordinary nursing care.

Every patient.

Every time.

Our vision

As leaders, clinicians, researchers, innovators, and scientists, Kaiser Permanente nurses are advancing the delivery of excellent, compassionate care for our members across the continuum, and boldly transforming care to improve the health of our communities and nation.

Our values

Professionalism, patient and family-centric, compassion, teamwork, excellence, and integrity

Shared governance

Kaiser Permanente’s professional governance program aligns our Nursing Professional Practice Model with our Model of Operational Excellence and ensures the consistency of nursing practice and exceptional quality of care for our members. The program also lays the foundation that makes transformational practice possible and aligns nursing with Kaiser Permanente’s mission. 

This program represents a decision-making partnership between leadership, frontline nurses, and other interdisciplinary team members where changes are made to policies and practice founded on evidenced-based research and common core values. It provides greater nursing autonomy and promotes accountability and shared responsibility for improving patient outcomes, optimizing efficiency, and increasing nurse engagement.

Diversity and inclusion

The nurse-patient/family relationship is the cornerstone of our nursing practice and leverages the powerful role human relationships play in creating caring and healing environments. Providing high-quality, culturally responsive care so our members can achieve the best possible health outcomes is central to our nursing mission. Our nurses play an essential role in addressing inequities and disparities in health outcomes by providing culturally responsive, equitable care for all our members.

Our Mobile Health Vehicle offers a means for our nurses to work throughout the region, providing care to those in all the communities that we serve. 

Learn more about equity, diversity, and inclusion at Kaiser Permanente.

Specialized nursing

Nurses at Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States are an integral part of our health care teams. They are highly trained and specialize in providing care across all ambulatory care settings.

Kaiser Permanente nurses serve in a broad range of specialties and practice areas. There are many opportunities to practice in your preferred specialty and advance in your profession in this region, and our highly engaged health care teams provide the needed structure to achieve your desired growth.

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Professional development

Kaiser Permanente provides high quality learning to aid in our clinical staff’s professional development and support their interest in specialty certifications. This includes a broad range of activities that use evidence-based methodologies for all levels of clinical and inter-professional staff to achieve mastery.

At its core is the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills to improve patient and workplace safety. At Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States, we align our staff’s professional development with our nursing vision to provide extraordinary nursing care to every patient, every time.

Find out more about the various areas of education and learning opportunities.

Research and evidence-based practice

Nurses who work in the Mid-Atlantic region of Kaiser Permanente comprise a large segment of our workforce. The care provided by our nurses is largely evidence-based—we conduct the research that’s necessary to improve the evidence for ambulatory care. Our research council supports our nurses’ passion for science and discovery by conducting studies and reviewing published evidence that informs their work.

The council also offers nurses the opportunity to engage in research on nursing practice, patient care, and patient outcomes.

Current areas of research include nursing workforce, nurses’ well-being, and safety issues.

Read more about how our research improves health for all.

A history of nursing excellence

For more than 75 years, Kaiser Permanente’s nurses have provided high-quality care with excellence, leadership, and innovation. Our highly skilled nurses are essential to the delivery of excellent, compassionate care. They are instrumental in improving outcomes by coordinating care, educating patients, and identifying and implementing the best ways to advance the practice of nursing with new ideas, research, and technology.

Read more about nursing excellence at Kaiser Permanente.

Recognizing nurses who consistently go above and beyond the traditional role of nursing

During Nurses Month each May, the Daisy Award celebrates and recognizes nurses who consistently go above and beyond the traditional role of nursing. This acknowledgement honors the work that nurses do every day for patients and families and recognizes the clinical skill and compassion they provide. Direct care nurses, nurse-led teams, and nurse leaders are all eligible to receive the Daisy Award.

In 2023, we recognized several nurse-led teams for their collaboration and teamwork with the Daisy Team Award. We are honored to announce the much-deserving teams who earned the Daisy Team Award and are proud to have them supporting the Mid-Atlantic States region.

2023 Daisy Award Recipients

Caton Hill Ambulatory Surgical Center and Endoscopy team

Why they received this award:

  • They’ve built a relationship with a local organization that serves the homeless community to give back and help those in need.
  • During the 2022 holiday season, the team spearheaded a gift-giving program called “Dear Santa.”
  • They received letters from less fortunate elementary school students with their simple wishes for the holidays, such as bags, shoes, school supplies, and clothes.
  • The team’s collaboration and generous donations helped these children and their families have a joyful holiday season.
  • Due to its success, the team will continue the project annually.
  • This project brought the team closer and provided an opportunity for them to go beyond their day-to-day duties.

Employee Health Nurses (EHN) Team

Why they received this award:

  • The EHN team developed a core group of nurses who received notifications when an employee called out with potential COVID-related symptoms. The names of these employees were put onto a spreadsheet, which allowed the EHNs to contact them and identify potential clusters and outbreaks. 
  • The nurses made and received calls to and from sick employees 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That was more than 22,000 (and still counting) calls. 
  • The EHNs were the only human contact many employees had for days on end. They were there for our employees exactly when they needed them most. They listened to them cry and express their fears of the future. They also listened as these employees cried after losing a family member to COVID.
  • EHNs played an integral role throughout the pandemic by providing COVID vaccinations and information on COVID signs and symptoms.
  • They scheduled testing and informed employees and their managers on the return-to-work guidelines, which changed many times.
  • EHNs were and continue to remain available to provide physical and emotional support to all KP employees, whether at work or home.
  • They have never wavered in the support they provide. They excel in their roles as resources, educators, and counselors, often lending an impartial ear or a shoulder to cry on not only to the employees they serve, but to each other, as well.

Mobile Health Vehicle Team

Why they received this award:

  • During periods of limited in-person medical center appointments, the Mobile Health Department helped relieve the burden on staff by setting up indoors or just outside facilities to support COVID-19 and flu vaccinations.
  • The team supports members, as well as healthier outcomes for the community by providing access to preventive care at events throughout the region.
    • The team provides these services for employer groups, homeless shelters, schools, churches, and community health fairs. 
    • This care includes blood pressure screenings, adult immunizations, COVID-19 vaccines, flu shots, BMI screenings, health educational resources, laboratory services, and care gap management.
  • In 2022, the Mobile Health Team managed care for more than 4,000 participants in the region.
  • With only 1 mobile health vehicle, 1 driver, 7 clinical nurses, 1 manager, and 1 phlebotomist, they have done an outstanding job at implementing, data collection, and caring for all participants.